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In the market for a new home in the Seattle, Washington area? For years, homes for sale in Seattle have been popular with buyers looking for a new place to settle down and put down the proverbial roots. Seattle is burgeoning due to its great weather, the area's diverse population, and the great lifestyle enabled by the region as a whole. Seattle is the quintessential city of the American Northwest - and homes for sale in Seattle continue to draw families of all shapes and sizes looking for a new place to live.
One of the great perks of many homes for sale in Seattle is their proximity to great, reliable public transportation. Seattle has long been at the center of the national green movement, and Seattle residents are, by and large, a fairly environmentally conscious group. This means that Seattle boasts transit options that meet many people's needs.
One popular form of transportation in the Seattle area is the ferry network. Washington State Ferries is the nation's largest ferry system, and it effectively connects island communities to the city proper. Homes for sale in Seattle, then, encompass a large geographical area: it is possible to live on an island off the coast and still easily commute into Seattle to access the great amenities of the city. Seattle real estate

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